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Your Dive Expert & your dive buddy

Hi, my name is Kati, I have worked as diving instructor on Egyptian Liveaboards for many years, teaching diving and having just fun (and  some work too :-) ). So I am really a passionate scuba diver with a lot of experience which a want to share with all of you. 

Everyone has different approaches and priorities when it comes to travel planning. Many times my students and friends have asked me on which boat I'm working to come and dive with me. So I started to work as travel agent on my own website offering diving Liveaboards.

I want to give my customers what I was often missing as guest but also what I wanted for my guests, which was  sometimes not possible to reach as employee.

With Dive Bubbles Liveaboard I want that everybody gets what he wants and deserves on his scuba Liveaboard. That´s why some tours are accompanied by myself.

I'm  offering Liveaboard tours for individuals and groups.

You can contact me in English, German and Czech

Come with me on tour and let´s create some unforgettable memories.